Why Cryptocurrencies Are In Danger Of Becoming Nothing More Than a Pet

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Can cryptocurrencies survive in regulated structures?

My latest blog, below, argues unless cryptocurrencies adapt to an ever shifting regulatory landscape, they are in danger of becoming irrelevant. This is likely to be made worse as Security Tokens begin to build, which we expect to see with increased fervour early next year.

Institutional money, big money, is waiting on the sidelines to get into the space but can’t because of the lack of regulatory structures – whereas next year they can. At the same time, we are seeing a shift and change in the market as blockchain technology begins to de-couple from cryptocurrencies:

“Cryptocurrencies need blockchain but blockchain doesn’t need crytpocurrencies”

Together unless existing cryptocurrencies adapt they could just become marginalised and irrelevant to become just a source of open source ideas and R&D? What do you think? Can cryptocurrencies survive in regulated structures? (These and other topics will be discussed in my upcoming podcast series “Down the Rabbit Hole; the blockchain and beyond” which will be launching November 15 2018) #blockchain #cryptocurrency #banking #regulation #securitytokens