VIDEO: The Power Of The Blockchain Beyond Financial Services

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“The Blockchain can change… well everything” Goldman Sachs

On April 19, I gave a talk at the University of New South Wales Michael Crouch Innovation Centre that looks at how the Blockchain has the power to change so many different industries and market segments.

The talk was entitled :

“The Power Of The BlockChain Beyond Financial Services”

In the talk, I looked at how the Blockchain is being used in areas out side of the FinTech space. With 90% – 95% of the media coverage of the Blockchain being within Fintech, often it is hard to find out what is happening elsewhere.

The talk is designed for business people like you to understand the power of the Blockchain – especially outside Fintech; to see how it can be used – and how your business could use this new & powerful technology.

Although there are some technical elements, the talk is not technical in nature, and looks at different global use cases.

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If you know of any interesting non-fintech startups in the blockchain space (besides Veredictum of course…) feel free to add them to the comments so we can update ongoing talks.

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Tim Lea



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