VIDEO: The Blockchain – Will It Change Everything? Recorded At Septemb

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In early September, I gave a talk at the Mediatech meetup group here in Sydney introducing the Blockchain to non-technicians within the media space. The technology itself is very complex, so the aim is to make it easier to understand how it works and how to look at some of its power.

The presentation has been edited for the sake of time, and does not include some of the specific details relating to our business, , that is developing a platform for film and video producers to protect them from theft and piracy. Instead, the edited version focuses upon a generalized, introductory, view of the technology works from the non-technicians perspective to enable a wider audience to appreciate the power of the technology and how it is being applied to the media space. As an introductory video it cannot hope to completely cover every aspect of the technology that makes it so powerful – but at least gives you an insight into how the technology is being used in practice and looks in so many different industries and market segments.

The talk was designed for business people like you to understand the power of the Blockchain – especially outside Fintech; to see how it can be used – and how any business could use this new & powerful technology.

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