VIDEO: The Blockchain in 90 Seconds (For Business People, Grandmas & 5

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Finally – a Blockchain video for Business People in Plain English that even a 5 year-old can understand and even Grandma if she can find her hearing aid, her glasses and her byzantine fault tolerance… don’t all grandmas have those…?

The Blockchain is all over the media like a rash – you get all that – not the rash – you just see the opportunities. But Blockchain technology is complex & so deeply embedded within the world of the uber-geek, that it is frustrating. You can “smell” the opportunities but they seem tantilizingly out of reach and are easing towards the “too-hard basket.”

That is until now! This Blockchain in 90 seconds video has been written to help business people like you to understand the technology but more importantly (in the book) to understand what the technology can do that you need it to do – all in plain English.

When the Goldman Sachs research team released their Emerging Theme Report in December 2015, it simply said:

“…the Blockchain, can change … well everything.”

This video is just the start to help you on your journey to fully understand why that is true and how you can capitalize on its power.

With an open mind, prepare for your eyes to be opened to world full of business opportunities as you watch this video in preparation for going go Down The Rabbit Hole.