Useful Blockchain Resources

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Popular News Sites/Blogs

CoinDesk :

Cointelegraph :

newsBTC :

CryptocoinsNews :

Brave New Coin :

Bitcoin Magazine :

LTB Network :

Andreas M. Antonopoulos :

Bitcoin Foundation :

Blockchain News :

Popular Podcasts About Bitcoin/Blockchain

The Ether Review :

Epicenter Bitcoin:

Forbes Podcasts: Unchained by Laura Shin :…

Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast By Trace Mayer, J.D. on Itunes :

Blockchain Dynamics :

The Blockchain Show :

The Tatiana Show on The Global Liberty Community

Around The Coin on Soundcloud :…

Popular YouTube Channels About Bitcoin/Blockchain


Bitcoin Pub :

BoxMining :

CryptoBud :

Crypt0 :

CoinMastery :

Epicenter Bitcoin :…

World Crypto Network :…

Cryptocurrency Market :…

EtherCasts :…

The Cryptoverse :…

Andreas Antonopoulos :…