The Blockchain. All Media Hype & No Trousers? Understand What Is Going

“The Blockchain Can Change… Well Everything.” Goldman Sachs

The Blockchain is so powerful it has the power to disrupt almost every avenue of economic behaviour. The technology is complex and far from easy to understand… but once you understand it, you can unlock its power and potential. Blockchain is just like the internet was in 1995 – raw but full of potential. 20 years on – just see where the internet has taken us; how many significant brands have been created. The technology has been the domain of cryptographic, technical geniuses, with brain the size of several solar systems rolled into one. But now, it is ripe for business people, like you, to understand …

I am delighted to make available our free introductory course of 8 videos – (between 2 – 7 minutes long) that introduce the power of the BlockChain to business people like you. Stripping out the deep technical mumbo jumbo, we get to the point of :

  •  how the technology works,
  • why it is important,
  • and most importantly why it is important to you and your organisation.

At the end of this short 40 minute course you will understand :

  • What all the Blockchain media hype is all about.
  • Why Venture Capitalists have invested $1bn in the technology
  • Its strengths, its weaknesses and
  • Most importantly see how it is being used in practice.

The Blockchain has the power to change everything – and at the end of this 40 minute course you will understand why. If you like the course please click like and share it – if you don’t please tell us how we can improve it; and if you want a private workshop for your organisation and your teams – or indeed have any other ideas – just get in touch.

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1. Course Introduction (1.49)             2. Background To The Blockchain (2.31) – In this lecture we will look at the background to the Blockchain, its relation to bitcoin, how it compares to the internet of 1995 and where Venture capitalists are investing.

3. What Is Blockchain? In this lecture we will look at what the Blockchain is, and look under the hood. Because it is a very complex technology there will be some technical material in this lecture – although they are broken down into easy to digest pieces to make it easy to understand

4. What is a cryptocurrency? (6.38) In this lecture we will look at what is a cryptocurrency. Whilst there are many different crypto currencies with subtle nuances, we will focus upon Bitcoin, which has been in existence and proven around for about six years and which forms the basis of other cryptocurrencies.

5. Where Is the Power Of The Blockchain? (7.48) In this lecture we will look at the core powers of Blockchain to see why it is becoming such an important technology and why venture capitalists are backing its potential.

6. The Future Of The Blockchain (5.06) In this lecture we will look at the future of the Blockchain, how it is being used and how it will converge with other future technologies that are looming strongly on the horizon.

7. Use Cases (3.45) In this lecture we will look at how the Blockchain is being used in practice. Because of the relative youth of blockchain technology, many of the use cases will represent growing proofs of concepts. These use cases will help bring together everything that we have looked at so far.  

8. Final Conclusions (1.51) In this lecture we will summarize the key points from this introductory course.

I hope you have enjoyed the videos and that it has given you an insight into how the Blockchain works. If you have any feedback or comments, we are always happy to hear them. Equally if you would like a Blockchain workshop for your teams or organisation, please do not hesitate to get in touch and in the interim live the Blockchain dream – because sooner than we all think, it will be a reality.


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