S1 Ep6 (Part 2) How are Governments approaching and adopting Blockchai

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This episode is the second part of our review of how governments view the use of blockchain technology. 

I will be talking with Katrina Donaghy, Co-CEO of Civic Ledger, a blockchain start-up that is focussing on blockchain applications within government. We talk with Katrina about her project, Water Ledger, which looks at the $16bn market for water rights here in Australia and how they have worked with different state governments to deal with the current lack of transparency over Water Trading rights. Water Ledger is gaining traction worldwide. Many international government agencies are looking at Civic Ledger’s ideas and models to see how they are being used to solve real-life problems associated with the allocation and trading of water rights in the Murray- Darling Basin here in Australia which is at the very heart of irrigation for farmers and businesses alike.

Can governments adopt Blockchain technology quickly and effectively? Let’s find out as head Down the Rabbit Hole.