Down The Rabbit Hole PODCAST

We are delighted to announce that on November 15 2018, we will be launching our dedicated new PODCAST:

"Down The Rabbit Hole: the Blockchain and Beyond"

which will be available on iTues, Spotify, Soundcloud and Stitch 

As with the book, the Podcast will be in plain English to help you understand the power and potential of the Blockchain and Beyond.

Broken down into Seasons of 10, 30 minute episodes, in Season 1 we will be addressing the realities of the blockchain as it begin to decouple from cryptocurrencies.

Launching on 15th November. “Down the Rabbit Hole: the Blockchain and beyond” will interview stakeholders in the blockchain ecosystem and beyond to give you first-hand insights into the technology, its adoption and to help you assess the potential future scenarios, deal with the challenges and welcome the new sets of opportunities.

Just drop us a quick email below and we will put you on our mailing list to let you know when it is launched.