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Author Bios

Tim is a Blockchain Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker & Advisor. He is the author of the leading Blockchain Book – Down the Rabbit Hole – speaks regularly, both domestically and internationally, and is a Cryptocurrency & ICO Investor. He is an advisor to two early stage security token projects that are currently in stealth mode. He is the host and producer of the upcoming Down the Rabbit Hole Podcast Series ( and believes Security Tokens will mark the next wave in the crypto markets with the advent of Cryptocurrency 3.0 – where Institutional funds will be able to enter and participate in a regulated  cryptocurrency ecosystem.  

Medium Bio (150 words) : Frustrated by a corporate career in corporate finance, working with such names as GE Capital, HSBC, and Lloyds Bank, Tim took the entrepreneurial leap of faith and plunged deep into Web 1.0 in February 1995, setting up an internet cafe-bar & restaurant and a web design house, which he sold, prior to calling Australia his home. Tim went own the Blockchain Rabbit Hole for the first time in early 2015 he had that light bulb moment when he realised the power and potential of the blockchain to effect dramatic transformative change. Tim is a published author on corporate finance, and a regular international speaker, writer and trainer on the strategic applications of the Blockchain. His first blockchain book, Down the Rabbit Hole, was written in plain English to help even the greatest technophobe understand the power and potential of the technology.   

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Author Q&A’s  

Please find below the top questions asked by readers with answers below. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you wish other questions answered

1. Why did you decide to write Down the Rabbit Hole?

When I first went Down the Blockchain Rabbit Hole in very early 2015, I had to work out what was going on – the painful way. Blockchain-based technology is complex and has been in the domain of the uber-geek. As a business person, it took me a long time to truly get to grips with it. I waded through technical video after technical video, podcast after podcast, and talked to people in the space – just trying to make sense of it all. The technology, once you understand it, is amazing and I thought – I wish there had been an easier way of doing this. Having already written two books and seven film scripts I thought – let’s make this technology easily accessible for even the most die-hard technophobes to understand what is going on.

2. Why did you call the book Down the Rabbit Hole ?

When I first had my journey of discovery into the Blockchain back in early 2015, after some mild earlier flirtation with bitcoin in 2011, I kept hearing people say: “Once you go Down The Blockchain Rabbit Hole you will never come back!” At the time, I was skeptical! But as I made my journey this phrase resonated with me and it got me thinking about Alice in Wonderland. When Alice followed the White Rabbit Down The Rabbit Hole, she had no idea who or what she would face; from the Mad Hatter and the March Hare through to the Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts. But Down the Rabbit Hole she found Wonderland, a new world full of riches and challenges that would change her life forever, making her look at her existing world in a completely different way… and so it was with my discovery of the blockchain. Once I saw this hidden wonderland of greenfield opportunity deep down beneath the surface the title became very obvious.
3. How long did it take you to write the book?

From beginning to end the process of writing the book was about 15 months. It was made easier by the fact that I was regularly writing articles on the Blockchain prior to finalising my first draft. This meant I had already done extensive research as part of my process for writing articles on the blockchain.

4. Why did you decide to release the digital version of the book first?

The blockchain space is moving so quickly that if one is not careful the book can be out of date before it is finished. So, I wanted to get it out digitally, so we could get feedback from the market before releasing the paperback version. A paperback version, once released, is like the blockchain itself – a permanent record – and is much harder to change.

5. Do you think paperback books are dead?

This is one thing that has really surprised me. So many people have been asking when the paperback version of Down the Rabbit Hole is out. I thought this would just be baby boomers and more mature readers – the senior managers in corporates that perhaps do not like dealing with digital products. Surprisingly, so many people, millennials as well as baby boomers still love reading paperbacks. So often people are saying they prefer the feel of paper in their hands. I think also for Australia, where I am based, paperbacks are easier to read at the beach, getting over our natural paranoia of tablets getting broken, stolen and not having to deal with sunlight glare.

6. Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers?

Just thank you for all your support, great reviews and your kind comments and feedback- it’s all really appreciated – and makes all those long hours seem so worthwhile!

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