Down The Rabbit Hole Blockchain book by Tim Lea

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A 5 star easy, enjoyable read on blockchain and have recommended it to my techie and laymen friends. Thanks Tim for sharing your knowledge.

5 Stars *****

Ben Griffiths, Tokyo Japan, Amazon Customer

Very Informative and Very Well Written.  Do yourself a favour and learn about the evolving next technology revolution that will change “everything” according to Goldman Sachs.

5 Stars *****

Don Greenamyer, Sydney, Australia

I was thirsty for learning about the blockchain and I find this book extremely informative and concise. Very good book.

5 Stars *****

Khatuna Eprimidze, USA

Just finished reading “Down the Rabbit Hole”…. what a great book!!! It really is an excellent laymans intro to Blockchain in that it is a very subtle concept to comprehend in terms of it’s disruptive ramifications to … well just about every facet of our technologised life!

5 Stars *****

Kully (London)

A great introduction to the key concepts & ideas behind the technology & the business of the Blockchain.

5 Stars *****

Amazon Customer (USA)

Game changing handbook, explaining the blockchain and its uses.
Very good book.The book has opened my eyes to the opportunities available in this space.

5 Stars *****

Daniel, USA

        Anyone thinking about using Blockchains should definitely invest time in reading this book. It will not only save you time but will set you up for success in your Blockchain projects!

5 Stars *****

Andrei Hawke, Australia

This book gives you clarity about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Great job by the author.

5 stars *****

Adal, India

The author communicates a complex topic in a easy-to-understand way. Fantastic book – highly recommended

5 stars *****

Serge, USA,

Whatever your role, the easy-to-read Blockchain book, Down The Rabbit Hole, will give you a practical hands-on guide to Blockchain technology and its potential. Whether you want to:

* Make your organisation more effective

* Make yourself more valuable in your marketplace

* Make your business more competitive

* Give the latest insights to your clients about the technology and its implications or

* Become the new Mark Zuckerberg

Down The Rabbit Hole will have something for you.

Written from the ground-up in Plain English and using analogies, global use cases and the best stories from within the Industry, Down the Rabbit Hole, helps you not only understand the power of the blockchain but also how to capitalise on that power. It minimizes technical jargon, yet gives you a practical insight into how the Blockchain is being used. It looks at the challenges and weaknesses you will face in dealing with many of the realities of adopting or driving the adoption of the technology.

By distilling the complexity of the Blockchain into components that are easy to understand and digest, you will fast-track yourself to be at the leading edge of 21st-century business thinking.

All you need is an open mind to have your eyes opened to the green field of explosive opportunities in the Blockchain space that are waiting for you Down The Rabbit Hole.

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