Delighted To Announce The Soft Launch Of The Business Blockchain Book “Down The Rabbit Hole” On The Amazon Kindle Platform

Down The Rabbit Hole - Kindle

The blockchain is a complex technology. It’s almost impossible to describe in 5 words and that is its problem. When Al Gore first described the internet as “The Information Superhighway” – everyone got it; the media got it. It helped so much with its practical adoption. But the current label favoured by the media of Distributed Ledger TechnologyWTF?? Unfortunately, it reflects nothing of the width and scope of its power – and its power to disrupt.

The blockchain is like the internet was in 1995 – it’s raw but full of potential. Just think of all the brands that have been created since that time – Google, Facebook, Youtube, Uber etc. The Goldman Sachs research team Emerging Theme Report in December 2015 simply said:

“…the Blockchain, can change … well everything.” 

While that might appear to be a brash statement, when you consider the $1.3bn that has already been invested by VC’s in the space already, IBM announcing $200m to fund the blockchain, internet of thing and Artificial Intelligence and the Chinese Industrial group, Waingxang, announcing in September 2016 a $30bn investment fund for blockchain and the Internet of Things over 7 years – there are big things going on – deep down below the surface.

Is the blockchain perfect? Not yet… But its potential as the technology matures is immense from:

  • reducing international payments from 3 days to seconds
  • reducing equity trading from 3 days to same day
  • identifying the ownership and history of diamonds, artworks and video
  • giving identity to 20% of the world’s population that currently have none
  • enabling the $20tr of unregistered properties that exist globally

These and many other use cases are explored int eh book. The power is immense but the challenges are immense also.

Down The Rabbit Hole is an easy-to-read Blockchain book for business people written by Business People and in Plain English! Forget the Elliptic Curve Cryptography, or the Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance. Whilst these are important in their own right, this book is about helping you see how the blockchain works in practice using analogies and global use cases that are easy to understand and helping you by following the great stories from the blockchain space to help you truly understand its power.

For example, we look at the rise and fall of Silk Road – the illegal, anonymous marketplace – where you could buy drugs, weapons almost anything. Whilst illegal in nature, it was commercially highly successful ($1.2bn of sales) and was Hitchcock at his twisted best with the story involving:

  • undercover cops,
  • hitmen,
  • the staging a fake death and
  • high level corruption

Want to explore the blockchain more without needing deep technical knowledge?

Down The Rabbit Hole was recently soft launched on all global Amazon stores in the Kindle format :

Amazon – US (and the rest of the world)

Amazon – UK

Amazon – Australia

Now you can understand the power of the blockchain and know how to approach it in a practical way. Maybe it’s your wake-up call, maybe it’s your new opportunity – either way there are 30bn reasons why Wainxang are exploiting this technology – it’s not going away. Disrupt or be disrupted – the choice is yours.


I am so pleased to be able to share with you my experiences of the blockchain and help you understand how this technology can help you exploit this new paradigm that continues to be built Down the Rabbit Hole

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